Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

Washington State Department of Agriculture logo

Washington State Department of Agriculture

Data Scientist Jan 2022 – Present

  • Collect and process soil and climate data from diverse sources to compile in a statewide soil health database using Kisters WISKI software.
  • Use R, Python, and ArcGIS to develop data collection and decision support tools such as R Shiny web applications and ArcGIS field maps, dashboards, and Experience Builder web applications.
  • Use GitHub for version control and to promote open access data and code.
  • Collaborate with the Soil Health team to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) and a quality assurance project plan to establish a soil health monitoring program.
  • Create training videos for R packages and ArcGIS spatial data collection tools that I developed.
  • Coordinate and facilitate meetings with intra- and inter- agency partners and stakeholders.

Jadey standing in a field with a soil sampling probe.

Environmental Specialist Jun 2020 – Jan 2022

In addition to duties as Environmental Technician:

  • Contributed data analysis, writing, and editing to the annual fact sheets and technical report.
  • Collaborated with the Surface Water Monitoring Program team to improve standard operating procedures and quality assurance project plan.
  • Provided administrative support for timekeeping, purchasing, and travel.
  • Supported planning for the Washington Soil Heath Initiative and Sustainable Farms and Fields grant program during the COVID-19 hiring freeze.

Read this blog post, written by yours truly, to learn more about the Washington Soil Health Initiative.

Over a dozen large black totes full of soil sampling equipment and supplies.

Soil sampling kits for distribution to conservation districts across the state.

Environmental Technician Jun 2019 – May 2020

  • Calibrated a water quality sonde and prepared chain of custodies and sample labels.
  • Collected water samples from salmonid-bearing wadable streams for pesticide analysis and measured streamflow using an electromagnetic current meter.
  • Performed quality assurance checks on data each week after sampling.

Read this blog post for a recount of what a site visit looks like, including pictures!

Panoramic photo of stream with lots of green riparian vegetation with woman standing in the stream wearing waders and measuring stream flow.

Jadey Ryan measures stream flow while Katie Noland records the data.

Pacific Lutheran University logo

Pacific Lutheran University

Lab Prep and/or Teaching Assistant Jan 2017 – May 2017

Genetics, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology:

  • Communicated with professors, lab manager, and peers to plan and implement preparation of organisms, media, reagents, and equipment.
  • Guided students through the labs.

Aliquots of reagents for a genetics lab.

Tacoma Water logo

Tacoma Water

Skilled Occupational Intern Nov 2015 – May 2019

  • Used XC2 software for data entry, auditing, research, and correction of discrepancies for backflow preventer assembly installation and testing records for the Cross Connection Control program.
  • Delivered consistent and compassionate customer service when interacting with customers in person, by phone, or by email.
  • Collected water samples from the primary source (Green River Watershed) and various points within the distribution system for investigative sampling.
  • Performed various water quality analyses in the field and lab using turbidimeters, colorimeters, and spectrometers.
  • Designed and implemented two pilot studies in the Green River Watershed (Water Quality Index and Trace Metals Screening).

Collecting a water sample from a stream.

Ocean Mammal Institute logo

Ocean Mammal Institute

Intern Jan 2017

  • Participated in lectures, discussions, and field research to learn about the biology and behavior of humpback whales, politics associated with marine mammal protection, and ecopsychology.
  • Applied shore-based data collection methods to research the impact of vessel traffic on Hawaiian Humpback whales by monitoring their behaviors and movements.
  • Developed and presented a poster of my results at the 23rd Annual Natural Sciences Academic Festival at Pacific Lutheran University.

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Montana State University logo

Montana State University

Master of Science Sep 2020 – Aug 2023

  • Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
  • Professional Project: An Improved Approach to Estimate Wind Erosion in Washington’s Columbia Plateau Using Google Earth Engine
  • GPA: 4.00/4.00
  • Activities

Pacific Lutheran University logo

Pacific Lutheran University

Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Arts Sep 2015 – May 2019

  • B.S. Biology, B.A. Environmental Studies, Minor in Chemistry
  • Biology Capstone: Southern Resident Killer Whales: Evidence of Genetic and Reproductive Isolation
  • Environmental Studies Capstone: Saving the Southern Resident Killer Whales: A Co-Management Strategy
  • GPA: 3.96/4.00
  • Activities
    • Phi Kappa Phi
  • Awards and Scholarships
    • $550 Funding for Green River Watershed Pilot Studies
    • Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry American Chemical Society
    • $60,000 Provost Merit Scholarship

Tacoma Community College logo

Tacoma Community College

Associate of Science Sep 2010 – June 2015

  • Biology
  • Running Start student from 2010 through 2012.1
  • GPA: 3.89/4.00
  • $5,600 in various merit-based and financial need-based scholarships
  • Activities
    • Phi Theta Kappa (Secretary, Vice President, Regional President)
    • Latinos Embracing Diversity (Secretary)
    • Environmental Club (Active Member)

Communities and Organizations

Data Science Hangout logo Posit Data Science Hangout

R4DS logo R4DS Learning Community

Women in GovTech logo Women in GovTech

R-Ladies Seattle logo R-Ladies Seattle

Seattle useR Group Seattle useR Group

Extension & Scientific Writing

Ryan, J.N., Michel, L., Gelardi, D.G. 2023. Standard Operating Procedure: Soil Health Monitoring in Washington State. Washington State Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Assessment Section: Olympia, WA. Publication No. 102-923.

Noland, K., Nickelson, A., Ryan, J.N., Drennan, M. 2021. Ambient Monitoring for Pesticides in Washington State Surface Water: 2019 Technical Report. Washington State Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Assessment Section: Olympia, WA. Publication No. 102-629.

  • Also co-author for 2018 and 2017 Technical Reports.

Hancock, J., Ryan, J.N. 2021. Pesticide Groundwater Sampling in the Sumas-Blaine Surficial Aquifer. Washington State Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Assessment Section: Olympia, WA. Publication No. 103-895.

Tuttle, G., Noland, K., Ryan, J.N. 2020. Glyphosate: Ecological Fate and Effects and Human Health Summary. Washington State Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Assessment Section: Olympia, WA. Publication No. 809-817.

Ryan, J.N. 2020. Understanding Pesticide Leaching Potential and Protecting Groundwater. Washington State Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Assessment Section: Olympia, WA. Publication No. 809-865.

Ryan, J.N. 2020. Pesticide Application and Water Quality. Washington State Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Assessment Section: Olympia, WA. Publication No. 102-850.

Ryan, J.N. 2020. Understanding Pesticide Product Labels. Washington State Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Assessment Section: Olympia, WA. Publication No. 102-849.



Parameterized reporting using Quarto: 2-hour workshop. R-Ladies Washington D.C. Virtual. January 18, 2024. Invited.


Parameterized Quarto reports improve understanding of soil health. posit::conf(2023). Chicago, IL. September 20, 2023.

Shiny optimization of climate benefits from a statewide agricultural grant program. Cascadia R Conf. Seattle, WA. August 19, 2023.

Washington’s Soil Health Initiative and Climate Smart Estimator. Washington Association of District Employees Conference. Leavenworth, WA. June 13, 2023.

Web Scraping & Mapping {orcas} Encounters. Seattle UseR Meetup. Seattle, WA. April 20, 2023.

Web Scraping & Mapping {orcas} Encounters. R-Ladies Seattle: R in the Outdoors Meetup. Seattle, WA. April 20, 2023. Invited.

Washington Climate Smart Estimator (WaCSE): Using ArcGIS Dashboards and Experience Builder. Washington GIS Association Conference. Virtual. May 25, 2022.

Organophosphate insecticide mixtures in Washington surface waters. Annual Water Resources Conference, American Water Resources Association. Virtual. November 9, 2021.

Organophosphate insecticide mixtures in Washington surface waters. North American 42nd Annual Meeting, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Virtual. November 14, 2021.


Software and Programming

  • Proficient in R, Microsoft Office, ArcGIS (Pro, Field Maps, Dashboards, and Experience Builder).
  • Developing in Python, Arcade, and SQL.
  • Utilizing resources (e.g. internet, program/package documentation, colleagues) to quickly understand a problem and find/implement the solution.

Research and Field Work

  • Conducting literature reviews
  • Soil sampling using step probes, soil probes with slide hammers, and bulk density samplers.
  • Collecting and analyzing water quality data using Hach colorimeters and turbidimeters, YSI ProDSS multiparameter meters, HOBO data loggers, and OTT MF Pro streamflow meter.

Collaboration and Communication

  • Coordinating and facilitating meetings with intra- and inter-agency partners.
  • Writing, editing, and reviewing data communication products for technical, policy, and general public audiences.


  1. I completed half of my classes at high school and the other half at community college.↩︎